Uncontrollable Laughter

So apparently google translator is undeniably the most entertaining thing to ever exist… Surely, Google did not intend it to be entertaining… I’m sure that google designed this tool to help people explore new languages, diversify their culture, and overall do good things in the world.

However, if you tweak the usage of this utility – the outcome is possibly the funniest thing of all time. Instead of using it to really translate language… use as follows:

  1. Go to google translator
  2. Paste in some typical english (1-2 paragraphs is a good amount)
  3. Translate that into japanese
  4. Copy all japanese output
  5. paste the japanese text BACK into google translator
  6. Translate that from japanese back into english
  7. Laugh uncontrollably

For example, take this paragraph from my previous post…
Ryan Payner and Wes Vanlandw command the defense with mortal peril. Payner provides a strong line presence while Vanlandw continually shuns receivers in sheer dutch coverage.Eric Flo kicks the ball once in awhile.

Now Translated to Japanese and Back to English:
[raian] Payner and Wes Vanlandw escaping order death to the defense of danger. Payner while avoiding the receiver of the Dutch coverage whose Vanlandw always is thin, offers strong line existence. Eric Flo one time kicks sphere for a while.

I’ve seriously done this for hours… I really don’t know if i’ve ever laughed so hard. A couple notable translations that i’ve seen… Waffle house = “The house of the many waffle supplies“. Big Lots = “The lot, which at first glance, is large“.

Here’s a paragraph from Vanbergs’ website… just because it is hilarious.
Real Paragraph:
“Other than that, the past month has been pretty uneventful, hence the supreme lack of boring updates. It will be incredibly nice to get the hell out of this state for a week, even if it does entail riding in a car with Flo for eight billion hours. I think the stops at multiple Waffle Houses will more than make up for the company ;-)

“Past other than that month directly boring renewal considerably calmness safety, therefore is the highest scarcity. That accompanying the fact that it rides by the car where 8,000,000,000 hours Flo have been attached it is very splendid to come out of this state of 1 weeks. I think of that the company where stop of the house of the many waffle supplies from many decides; -)”

Try it with anything… i’ll post comments if/when i find some more funny ones…

9 thoughts on “Uncontrollable Laughter

  1. mickeyvb

    I shall have to plug in a paragraph or two from the castle special of the day – grogg and gruel posting… I’ll bet it handles some of that just perfectly…. ; )

    Retranslated (the King Van way-LOL): Plug have I shall two castle, special day for paragraph of, posts groggy with grueling handles I’ll bet. Perfectly some of just that.

  2. vanberge


    “perfectly some of just that”

    Another couple of good ones:
    Grand Rapids = Magnificent River Stream
    Mount Pleasant = The mount whose feeling is good

  3. Kramer

    Here is the first verse of Prayer.

    Never in order truth another dream which does not come exactly to praise your sorrow, another truth which cannot do another life your pain or which I take from you for you never to believe, the gift which it should add to suffering being hooked with all scream your hearts, and the sound which you who are made completely disabled have started hearing deaf it does the ear

    How you get that from the original below, I have no idea.

    Another dream that will never come true
    Just to compliment your sorrow
    Another life that I’ve taken from you
    A gift to add on to your pain and suffering
    Another truth you can never believe
    Has crippled you completely
    All the cries you’re beginning to hear
    Trapped in your mind, and the sound is deafening

  4. vanlandw

    Bible verse “John 3:16”

    For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life.


    So, just the beam son where the world as for that him believeth where that that whosoever dies should, will give because of the God which is loved will pass eternal life and probably will be completed.

  5. mickeyvb

    LMAO… “So let it be written, So let it be done!” comes back as…

    So it has been written that, if do to permit, so it does, that that tries is done!

  6. vanlandw

    Game Nine preview for the lions game this sunday….

    The Lions have had nearly two weeks to heal some of the bumps and bruises that accumulate during the course of an NFL season. Now they’re ready to take on the Atlanta Falcons, a team that brings a 5-2 record and one of the most exciting players in the game to Ford Field for Sunday’s 1 p.m. game.


    The lion passed the damage and almost 2 where you correct how many of bulging weeks which gets together between the season of NFL. Now as for them Atlanta [huarukonzu], Sunday in Ford field for the game of p.m. of 1 5-2 and 1 people of the most exciting player of the game taking record in the team which it comes having, preparation does.

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  8. Jeff

    Rusty, pick it up. Your latest quote came out as:

    “Useless animal and furthermore another protection poll for slaughtering the human”

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