To be a Frontman…

What a gift. However, a few side notes before diving directly into that thought:

  1. I love my pool table.
  2. I love Guitar Hero 2.
  3. I love the Pool/Guitar Hero 2 party.
  4. I HATE Vodka and Redbulls.
  5. My stomach can fit exactly 5.2 pounds in it.
  6. I seem to be losing my hair.
  7. I kicked Zeromus’ ass.
  8. Brothers McManus.
  9. Fluorescent Light bulbs are apparently awesome.
  10. Matt Millen

Back to the original thought… Obviously I have this on my mind because of seeing “Disturbed” live. I had honestly planned to hang back at this concert and try to just watch. That did not happen. The brothers mcmanus pounded to the front, plunged into the mix, and fought for the freedom of the human race.

It all comes to this point: I wish i could be a front man for a band. I’ve always thought that music is one of the most powerful forms of expression (well, ‘real’ music… not the blackeye peas or Justin Timberlake). To take fantastically epic, sick, powerful, hurtful, punishing, and profound feelings and be able to put that into lyrics is truly a gift… Add to that the unbelievable power of harmony and the result can be phenominal. Beyond lyrics. Beyond music.

For example, Jon Davis of Korn is one who sticks out to me as just pouring out his soul. I’ve seen Korn live quite a few times, and I can attest to the fact that this man’s lyrics are straight from his life force. Whether bright and loving or dark and absolute hatred, it is pure humanity(Watch it). And then it is more (Watch more of it).

Jon Davis is just one example… Off the top of my head, some people who share this same gift are Maynard of tool, James Hetfield, Corey Taylor, David Draimen, Chad Gray, Dave Matthews, Robert Tepper, Stephen Richards, Samuel James Hagar, Eddie Vedder… Even Coby Dick. There are so many more…

A “real” frontman creates an energy that cannot even be put into words. It cannot be described. I wouldn’t mind being able to do that.

5 thoughts on “To be a Frontman…

  1. vanbergs

    You had me up until you mentioned Dave Matthews, Sam HAGGARD SINGER, and Shawn Kemp’s montage singer.

    And for the record, Jon Davis is a n00b. If mickeyvb sexually assaulted us, I guarantee we wouldn’t be whiny babies about it, we’d be honored.

  2. vanlandw

    I shouldn’t even comment because whatever comment I leave won’t be as funny as the one above. I was going to try to leave a clever and humorous comment but I won’t even bother.

  3. vanlandw

    it’s a rare day for a comment to overtake a post in sheer epicness and offensiveness

    the reason for this happening has to be vanhood…it’s the only explanation

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