Times Have Changed.

Last night before I went to bed, I saw this commercial for “Invent-Tech” or something like that. Some scam to rope people into buying information about filing patent requests for inventions. A horrid commercial? affirm. But then I started thinking “What could I invent??”. Granted; this is after spending a night at the bar AND putting together a new computer so it was like 4 a.m.

Basically, what I came up with is that there is nothing left to “invent”. Sure, there will be progress in technologies, medicines, etc. But really, the days where John Q thinker can just go invent or discover something are long gone. For Example: Benjamin Franklin put a key on a kite and discovered electricity. When is the last time there was a story like that ?? But seriously, the only inventions or progressions today are from multi million dollar corporations who can spend countless amounts on “R & D” in labs. Even when something is invented, it will be the company that is credited, and not the person with the original idea

What is the world going to do when we have discovered everything ? I think we might be finding out currently.


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