Things That I Want…

In a sheer copycat post of Vanbergs’ most recent post, I have constructed a post to inform the entire world of my own most intimate desires.

Thus, behold the unordered list:

  • The Pioneer AVIC D3:
    Pioneer Avic-D3
    This aftermarket head unit features GPS 3d navigation, DVD video playback, Ipod integration, Divx playback, Satellite radio, and of course am/fm/CD/mp3. Not to mention, it fits perfectly into the scion tc. This ultimate piece of electronic equipment is about 1,000 dollars. We’ll see what happens.
  • Halo 3:
    Halo 3 is going to be an impossibly epic and undefinably perfect video game. It will be the best game of all time, and this title will never be overthrown. There really is no other way to describe this enigma. Long story short, when halo 3 comes out, vanberge is an xbox 360 owner; and a happy one.
  • DVD Burner:
    I need a new DVD drive/burner for my PC. Currently i have a DVD drive, but it fails to work approximately 80 percent of the time. Sometimes it’s not even detected as an IDE device on Bootup.
  • 24 Cancelled:
    Unlike vanbergs, I don’t want 24 to be good again. I want it to be over. I want it to be cancelled. My frustration with this television show has been incurably fueled and there really is no turning back. I no longer watch 24 because of how ‘good’ it is, or even because I like it; I watch 24 in its sixth season simply to punish my own being. I don’t even know what’s happening.
  • A new Camera:
    I’ve passed my phase of wanting a Digital SLR. But, I do want a new camera – and i want a good one. There are plenty of mid – level cameras that offer more than enough to satisfy my sporadic photography/gimp phases. If it has a 10x zoom and some forms of manual control, i’ll call that par for the course.

That concludes a pretty good representation for the material things that i currently wish for.

On a more trivial note, I’ve upgraded to Ubuntu linux 7.04. This install was simple, easy, and is a fantastic operating system. Ubuntu has built in the abilities to enable restricted formats, made it easier to get proprietary drivers, and made improvements in NTFS support. Combined with fresh icons, artwork, i’m really impressed with this operating system. I’m definitely never using windows again on my home computer. I haven’t booted windows since December of 2006 – so i think i am officially converted.

At work, I’ve been diving into Microsoft WSUS. We’ve been struggling with our current patch management solution, and I had heard some good things about the new version of WSUS. After installing it on an open server, it took about 4 days to download the almost 30 gigs of updates necessary to function. Then it was a matter of configuring some group policies to turn on automatic updates on clients, repoint the clients, and lock it down so that users can’t change the settings. I have to admit – WSUS is much better than I would have ever imagined. I don’t think i’ll use it for servers just yet, but it sure makes it easy to update 350 clients.

7 thoughts on “Things That I Want…

  1. chouse

    WSUS is awesome, we use it at metro to keep our 1500 PCs up to date as well as our servers.

    Unfortunetly we can’t let it be fully automatic as we have a ton of specialized apps that always get broke with whatever harmless update, so there’s still a lot of manual approving of updates and what not. But it’s still awesome. WSUS3 or whatever is coming out soon and promises to be even better.

  2. vanlandw

    24 is NOT going to be canceled so you better hope the other three things you want come though 😛

    That Pioneer AVIC looks totally badass. Also having a nice DVD burner is nice. Could your problems be becuase you are using Ubuntu? 😛

    jk also you should browse fulljeff’s most recent post he is selling a decent camera. used but it would be a good price i bet

  3. vanbergs

    Ef 24, buy that deck, ef used cameras, ef non-windows operating systems, ef halo 2’s ending, and ef vanbergs.

  4. Vanberge

    Vanlandw, the problem is not ubuntu. I can’t even use my dvd drive to boot to a cd / dvd.

    Chousey pants, how many I.T. people work at your place? Just out of sheer curiosity.

    Vanbergs, you are a good human.

  5. vanlandw

    I was going to buy golf clubs but I stumbed upon some. I see some lawn furniture in my future soon as well. Tech/fun stuff I plan on getting a RAM upgrade before Leopard comes out. I also would like to get a 20 inch wide monitor to go along with my imac and at least 750gb-1tb of external HD space.

    I am vanlandw

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