I’ve been trying to get some content posted in the forums, and have now been successful in implementing a “beta” template for a home page. (forums moved to /forums).

I found a pretty clean and nice CSS template on line, so i took that and hacked it up, changed about 60 % of it, and now we have “” redux.

Jja… i’m going to come right out and ask.  Will you make me a sweet banner graphic??  😛

9 thoughts on “ Update

  1. FLO

    i know you have only implemented a “beta” of, so i understand its in a rough form right now. i emailed you what it looks like in safari. it looks like ass as of right now. brb.

  2. Jeff

    1. If you want a banner you are going to have to come up with some good scion tc photos, because there aren’t any on the web.

    2. Your website probably does not work in safari because you have uncommented comments in your CSS code, the following needs to be commented out every time it appears:

    “!scaling units so that 1.0em=10px, thus more easy to scale pictures. This is necessary since active font-size is 1.2em in the middle section.”

    3. You have invalid xhtml code on your page:

    Maintenance and DIY

    should read:

    Maintenance and DIY

  3. FLO

    fulljeff, there are some decent tc photos in my gallery. take a look to see if there is anything you can use there. some that are as is and some that i’ve manipulated.

  4. Jeff

    Eric, I already looked through your gallery and have determined that there is nothing usuable in there. I will take a look at Flo’s

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