Super Bowl Party

The past two years have resulted in a hosted “Super Bowl Party” at my home/apartment/current living space. I’d like to continue that Tradition this year as well, as it seemed a good time was held by all. hence, the information below…

  • What: Super bowl Party
  • Where: Castle Vanberge
  • When: Super Bowl Sunday
  • Who: Anyone reading this who knows where Castle Vanberge is and leaves a comment (food portions)
  • Why: Vanhood
  • How: Vanhood

Food / Drink: Food provided in all shapes sizes capacities, but bring your own drinks. 😛
I love everyone and everything.

23 thoughts on “Super Bowl Party

  1. vanlandw

    as of right now it seems me and the “gato” are going to attend……i will try to think of a “dish” to pass and i will bring some brews

    brb :-*

  2. Vanberge Post author

    Vanlandw, no need to bring a dish. food is provided. (although if you wanted to bring something i guess i can’t stop you)

    Vanbergs, yes you will.

  3. vanbergs

    Russ doesn’t even like football. Honestly, what red-blooded American male doesn’t enjoy FOOTBALL? The answer is “None”. Russ is a pink-blooded Frenchman. Go soak up some knowledge at the biblioteca you fucker.

  4. vanlandw

    If russ just reimplemented his “blogz” I would defend him. I just can’t do it though. Minus a blog he is going to remain a punching bag in teh comments

  5. Vanberge

    Clearly russellteee could implement a vacation and or sick day for the super bowl.

    he has a sour and negative attitude of vanhood and i am disappointed. :-/

    i love you russellteee but you need to pick it up.
    Enfuego, you’re coming. comment already.

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  7. vanberge

    Vanlandw you’re going to add “The Chicago Bears” to bauercount after peyton manning bauer counts them.


    brb making “”

  8. vanlandw

    I loath the Colts. Peyton Manning is a cry baby. Just wait till they lose he will go back to his whining ways “OH MY TEAM LET ME DOWN MY OFFENSIVE LINE PLAYED BAD BOOOO HOOOO I HAVE PROJECTIES IN MY PRIVATE AREA”.

    he is such a loser

  9. bun

    i have already taken a bunch of PTO for moving in (enfuego we are now neighbors) and for the bachelor party. no more PTO days for the teee- i would like to see the game though (read: eat vanberge’s food). :'(

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