Sopranos, The

I’ve forever been against purchasing ‘The Sopranos’ on DVD – just on the fact that it has always been at least 80 dollars everywhere i’ve seen. This is a series that i’ve never watched, ever in my life. A part of me has wanted to, but not for 80 bux.

For some reason lately, i’ve been on quite the ‘organized crime’ funk. I watched Donnie Brasco, Goodfellas, Heat, Payback… I’m re-re-re playing grand theft auto 3.   for some reason – something about the whole idea really appeals to me.  I think it started when i was watching ‘Thief’….

Anyway… This week the Sopranos at best buy was 50 dollars. I decided it was time to buy it. So, i picked up the first season. I watched it all in 4 days. I’m hooked. It is a fantastic show. It makes me wish i was 100% italian…

I’m debating starting a “Van” mafia where you have to be part hollander…

p.s. i love giving best buy my old phone number when they ask at the checkout line. each time is a small moral victory for me…

12 thoughts on “Sopranos, The

  1. Jeff

    I don’t like the sound of a dutch mafia.

    Why do you give your number to Best Buy at all? Do they ask for it?

  2. vanlandw

    i may have to borrow your season one..i’m currently in the same boat…i wouldn’t mind watching it i just don’t want to pay for it

    and ef bestbuy…..they are total assholes

    you farted on best buy…that was the best moral victory ever

  3. vanbergs

    A dutch mafia eh? You are aware that it would all take place in a bank, where bills are counted, recounted, and then placed neatly into a savings account. Then the hollanders would make pancakes in a windmill while carving shoes out of old birch trees, rolling their hair into pigtails, and wearing ankle-length blue dresses with frilly lace arm cuffs. Fuck the dutch. My boss tonight even said “The Dutch are cheap and aren’t to be trusted”, I laughed quite heartily.

    And yes, your butthole is not good vanberge.

  4. vanberge

    JJA – yes, at least here in grandville. They ask for your home phone number “area code first” when you check out. I previously used to just say “nope”. but now i lie and give them an old number.

    Vanlandw – that was quite a day…

    Vanbergs – that is EXACTLY… what i had pictured. you want in?

  5. g0edge

    They ask for phone number “area code first” at Bath & Body Works, so they can send out coupons. Hi, how are you going to send coupons to my phone number? My response is usually a rude, “No, you sure can’t!” (have my number)
    The Sopranos is almost religious…what a bad ass show.

  6. Kramer

    You can also find The Sopranos for a reasonable price, around 50 bucks, on ebay if you look hard enough. You have to be careful since there are a ton of asian bootlegs for sale on ebay though. I bought season 1 for about 50 bucks a few years ago. I keep meaning to buy the rest, but I haven’t.

  7. mickeyvb

    vanberge… get a clue… a ‘van’ mafia could not be of Dutch origin, even though it sounds correct. True van lineage is begat from Belgian ancestry, and not from klompen-stompen, tulip-tippin, windmill-whirlin, street-sweepin, or long-blue-dress’in descendency… Wazza matta wit you???

    8 )

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