Sheer swindled

So apparently, a highschool age girl comes to my door and sales pitches me about buying magazines. Normally i would politely refuse, but this time – i was already getting ready to renew motor trend anyway. So, she starts her speech about it being for her school, help get money for college, learn about careers, etc. etc. I sign up, write a check for three years of motor trend.. everything is good.
Well, apparently the receipt says “Seller is not affiliated with educational institution, or local/state govornment.” I.e., i just got absolutely conned. So, after some helpful research from johnson2, have found that this company is a total scam that won’t let people cancel orders, fulfills them automatically, ETC. Its a total racket.

Apparently this woman didnt know that i am vanberge.

Clearly, the first thing i did today was to walk my bank’s branch and do a “Stop Payment” on the check. Go ahead company, try to cash the check… maybe you’ll even send me motor trend anyway? ef you.
Johnson2 also helped me by mailing out a cancellation letter via “CERTIFIED MAIL” – so we will get a reciept upon delivery as proof order cancellation.

Long story short, don’t ever buy magazines from little girls who can’t shut up. Im embarrased and frustrated that i even fell for this hideous sales pitch. I genuinely lost that battle.
Clearly, though, i have won the war.

Many other things have transpired this week; but i do not want to steal thunder from my hermano – so i am awaiting a published update from him before proceeding.

brb / ef magazine girl.

5 thoughts on “Sheer swindled

  1. vanlandw

    “Apparently this woman didnt know that i am vanberge.”

    that is pretty classic vanberge….i am sorry some tyke screwed you out of some deniro :-[

  2. Darrin

    Clearly, the right thing to do would be to chase her down and administer a severe beating. Then do all of the aforementioned. brb. :-*

  3. BethDerf

    I once got conned into 3 years of spin for 50 dollars from someone like that. It wasn’t a bad deal, but I didn’t like Spin nearly enough to get it for three years.

  4. vanlandw

    For awhile I have been wanting to subscribe to a few mags I’ve just never done it. I’m sorry you got swindled vanberge4 🙁

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