Sheer Holidays

I’ve had a couple of days off this week, just to burn up the rest of my vacation time before the year’s end – and it’s been nice. Yesterday i loafed around and watched a few movies. “Jurassic Park” (hadnt seen it in awhile and i own it.), “Dirty” with Cuba gooding Jr., and “Covert One: The Hades Factor” with Stephen Dorff and Mira Sovino. Overall, all three movies were pretty good, even considering the “Jack Bauer wannabe-ness” of Stephen Dorff.

Today I did all of my Christmas shopping. And it wasn’t even hard. GG Best Buy, EB Games, and Eddie Bauer.I’m really looking forward to Christmas… There’s really nothing like a Christmas spent in the Kingdom of Vanhood. I’m not sure when this’ll change for me… but The kingdom of Vanhood really still feels like home to me. When I stay there for a weekend or holiday, its always hard to leave… I love Hart Michigan. 🙁

Now a bulleted list of ‘things’:

  • Added some Ubuntu/Beryl Screenies. Its much cooler with transparency
  • Rockbox is still running my ipod.
  • Rocky 6 really is coming out.
  • Guitar Hero II on expert is not possible.
  • I hate comment spam. (on wordpress and Gallery2)
  • Google provides a customized IE7 now… that rocks.

1 thought on “Sheer Holidays

  1. vanlandw

    You are a good man vanberge four. I also am looking forward to getting out of town and spending a few days at home. We are both lucky men and I’m sure Hart is going to be a fantastic time for all vans in attendance.

    Ef linux
    Ef IE7
    Ef spam

    brb 😀

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