Sheer Guitar Hero 2 / Pool Party

If you are reading this, you are invited to a party next Saturday, November 18th.  This will be held at casa del Vanbergen, and include guitar heroes 1/2, billiards, darts, and absolute Vanhood.

The first guitar hero party was an unfathomable success (yes, success = 3 people vomiting at the same time; note to self: watch the red wine).  Now that guitar hero 2 has come out, and I have obtained a fantastic pool table – the time has come for house party 2 to be released.   Sat., Nov. 18th.  Food provided but BYOB.

Vanbergs, you have to make the third video visa vi this party.  Probably to monkey wrench…

30 thoughts on “Sheer Guitar Hero 2 / Pool Party

  1. Jeff

    Retooling BFE was one of the best ideas I ever had.

    Also, the chances of me making the 60 mile hike down there are relatively remote at this time. Maybe if I get paid some time next week I would consider it.

  2. Vanberge Post author

    In Googlanese:

    If this is read, following Saturday, November 18th it is invited in the party. This is kept, at house del Vanbergen 1/2, the billiard and the throwing arrow and Vanhood includes the hero of the guitar without fail.

    You measured the hero party of the first guitar and difficulty it was success, 3 people who (are, success = they have vomited simultaneously; Note to oneself: Look at the vin rouge). Because hero 2 of the guitar was present, as for me the splendid billiard stand profit – time came because of the foam/home party 2 which it should release. Saturday, November 18th. But the food which is offered BYOB.

    This party must be done in the 3rd video visa VI of Vanbergs. Perhaps in the monkey wrench…

  3. bun

    obviously i am going to be there as well. goedge, you should come and we can talk about how awesome it is to hang out in the stacks. secondly, gg to no red wine. i promise i wont shake and vomit all over carpet again. vanbergs- don’t bother showing up, you booby. brb.

  4. Megan

    I would like to call out Jeff Fuller. He can’t drive 60 miles? I drive 175 miles to GR ONE WAY and don’t blink an eye. Waaahhhhh. Suck it up.

  5. vanlandw

    the entire planet is going to explode next saturday

    yes jja needs to PICK IT UP…i have already stated I would purchase his petrol now he just needs to make it

    i want to play more cs as well 🙁

  6. Jeff

    Driving 175 miles to GR is so not worth it. There is nothing worth traveling that far for, for such a short time.

    Eric, I need more than a credit card, I need a good paying, easy job until I done getting my MBA. 😛

  7. mickeyvb

    Although kathyvb and i will not be able to attend, we will be with you in spirit, and watching the big game here, as well as preparing for a magnificent van-thanksgiving… be safe, be careful, have fun, and think of us while playin gh2… ; Þ~~~

  8. vanlandw

    you suck rusty…lol jk

    also i have some semi-bad news

    h’m on call this weekend so more or less i COULD end up at work Saturday. i hope not but we will see. regardless h’m still excited for this party but i prob won’t be getting waisted :-[

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