Sheer Ads

Maybe a year ago, I did a trial run on some Google ads on my site. They were up for maybe 6 or 8 months.

My site’s traffic has gone up pretty significantly since then, and I figured it might be nice to give them another shot. Therefore I have inconspicuously and tastefully placed a couple ads on my site.

I also finally took the plunge to creating a feedburner feed for this site. So I’ve redirected the RSS traffic to the feedburner feed vs the locally generated WordPress feed. This obviously allows me to place ads in the RSS feeds which I have clearly done.

I advise all users to never click any of my ads. 😛

4 thoughts on “Sheer Ads

  1. Vanberge


    A. You used ads before:
    How can you unsubscribe from my feed for something that you’ve also done.

    B. I’m sorry that RSS is the dominant means of web content ingestion these days.
    Clearly in 2006 when you put ads on your site, actually visiting the site was the prominent means. I’m sorry that I have embraced RSS by doing something that you also did.



  2. Vo

    I see no ads. If i have to click through to you main page to find them and click on them, I will be upset. This is too much like work.

  3. vanlandw

    If this means more higher frequency and higher quality of posting I’m ok with the advertisements. Many of my favorite sites do RSS ads these days.

    I haven’t unsubscribed…yet…



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