Scion tC Shifting Mods…

As previously posted, i ordered a B&M short throw shifter, Brass Shifter Cable Bushings, and Redline MT-90 synthetic Gear Oil.

Well, today I installed those with the pleasant aid of Mickevyb and Enfuego Miguel.  None of these things were ‘super difficult’ to do, but it was good to have a couple helping hands in a few various situations.  Thanks to mickeyvb and enfuego again…

I wrote up a review for one of the msg boards that i frequent:
Links:  ReviewPics

And Here’s the description/review pasted for good measure:

– 1 – I installed the brass shifter cable bushings… I got my digi camera out to start getting pics for a ‘how to’ (i really was going to write one…) – but seriously, there is just no point to writing a DIY for these bushings. i was done before i even thought about taking pictures. A how to really would not be any more beneficial than the instructions sent with the bushings. “Remove codder pin, take out old bushing, put in new bushing, secure with e-clip, attach with codder pin” – Those are seriously the steps. I did have to use some WD-40 on one of the bushings because it was kind of corroded. Literally took me 15 mins.

(Test Drive) – With only the shifter cable bushings installed, the shifter feel changed pretty drastically. Not really with movement of the shifter, but getting it into gear. It goes into gear much tighter, and kind of ‘slams’ into gear. You don’t feel like you hit mush… you definitely KNOW your shifter went into gear. It felt alot more ‘nuts and bolts’ than I expected… Which at first i wasnt sure i liked. But after a few runs through the gears, i absolutely love it.

– 2 – B&M Short Shifter Install… Using the DIY on this site (for the TWM), i installed this shifter in about 1 hour. B&M Shipped with 4 replacement shifter base bushings, as well as a tube of lube… I used the bushings, so the B&M is pretty much stock height – and i applied the lube pretty liberally.

(Test Drive) – The combination of the shifter and the shifter cable bushings was a pretty drastic difference. The throws are nice and short, and combined with the brass bushings the shifter really slams into gear. Overall a pretty good feel.. Although not so much what i had expected (more on this later…)

– 3 – Redline MT 90 trans. oil change… Drained the gross old tranny fluid and put in some Redline MT90 synthetic (used the DIY on this site… very very helpful.) Overall was not too difficult, but i would recommend waiting for the car to ‘cool’ before draining the fluid. It was hot, gross, and smelled pretty bad. The new stuff was gold, looked like honey. I almost wanted to eat some of it. Our manual says “2.6 qts”so i pretty much eyeballed a little over 2 and a half… i figure it doesnt need to be EXACT… i might have 2.7 in there. Tightened everything down, lowered back down… and all set. (BTW, always use jack stands. I had my car up with a jack stand under both driver and passenger side. )

*Test Drive/Final Verdict* – This triple mod today drastically changed how my shifter feels and acts. Its much tighter, and much more connected with the transmission. It was a little different than i had expected, as i had expected tighter shifts and shorter throws… The “slam” into gear was a little surprising – it feels like your shifter hits harder. Its actually probably less comfortable, because you feel the impact of the transmission going into gear… I was kind of expecting more of a “luxury feel” (meaning tight, with a comfortable -yet-forceful entry into gear) – and I would call this a more ‘nuts and bolts’ or “race inspired” feel. (yes, i am aware our cars are not race cars.). Although this is not what i was expecting – i do absolutely love it. I wish i would have done these mods before any other, and am very very happy overall with the shifting response. It drastically increases the fun-to-drive factor of the tC, I found myself shifting even when it wasn’t really necessary…

6 thoughts on “Scion tC Shifting Mods…

  1. Enfuego

    Your is the shit and those mods took care of probably the biggest gripe I had about the TC. I am glad I could render any service and sorry again about roaching your tires. Whoops. MickeyVB = God among Vans

  2. vanlandw

    enfuego….you should get a new car. i think a Honda Civic SI would fit you perfect.

    bun…where are your posts….OH WAIT…your site is gone


    gg vanberge

  3. vanlandw

    you are vanberge….vanberge…

    i have to agree vanberge’s site is 100% better then yours offence of course..hopefully you decide to put the halo back up ASAP

  4. Jeff

    I never thought I would say this, but yeah, a “gear head” post that I did not even read is 100% more interesting that what Rusty is currently offering.

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