Point of Change

This week begins with many very real career opportunities for myself. Particularly, my second interview with Bissell went extremely well. I am one out of 6 remaining candidates. If I am contacted for a third interview, I will be one of 2. I do feel very confident in my chances (particularly since one of my interviewers was a former student consultant at GVSU. However, I do have several other very real options should that not pan out in the end. Really, I feel like I would be more than content with any of them.

This overall feeling of content is more than welcomed… especially when I consider where I was at 1 year ago.

Not only was I working at a job that I genuinely hated, but it was honestly the darkest part of my entire life to date. I was new to the real world, and I was alone. I lived alone, moved away from my friends/room mates that I had grown almost pervasively close to. I really never felt so lonely. I lived in weekends where I was able to hang out with my friends. In between, I was bitter. Pizza boxes piled up and I spent countless amounts on video games and DVD’s trying obviously to fill a void.

My life now is a polar opposite. I am in a great relationship (which corresponds to having a great room mate), I have great friends, and my family has been there through everything. I really believe that this turn of content plays a subliminal role in me leaving my job. When I was unhappy, that job just went along with everything else. But as things began to turn around for me, the job began to weigh heavily on me; bringing me down constantly. Life is definitely too short… Shedding that skin was the most necessary thing that I could have ever done.

Back on my feet like a freight train I’m coming.

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