Plugin Updates

Did some additional work on the Netflix-X2 plugin for wordpress over the last couple days. It’s been downloaded over 30 times already this week and I’ve had some nice feedback from users…

1 – Widgetized it. This is something I always wish would have been available – and now it is. Use the widget by A: having a widget ready theme. B: Setting the Netflix-X2 options from the plugin configuration section. C: Add the widget to your favorite sidebar. Right now it’s pretty bare bones, but I will be adding some configurable options to make the widget easier to use.

2 – Added a new display option in the netflix function. You can now use the option ‘text’ to retreive the text section of the feed item. Previous options included images, title, link, and raw. This new option will display your movie reviews directly when using the reviews feed; and will display the movie summary/description if using any other feeds.

Check it out if interested

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