I used my combined birthday money to purchase a new video card for my computer. I was running a 64 meg ati radeon, and it was definitely starting to show its age. I got a geforce 6200, which i like… It runs well, etc. etc.

I just really have a sheer desire for a few different things right now that are all quite expensive. First and fore most, i really want a nice digital camera.. I’m not sure where this desire came from, but it is pretty intense. I originally bought a digital camera “just to have one”. It’s a decent point and shoot, 4 megapix, movie mode, decent pictures overall… As i’ve had the camera, i’ve really started to make a hobby out of taking pictures (although the vast majority never get posted to my gallery).. I just constantly find myself saying “dammit, i wish my camera could do _____”… The blank being various things from “zoom in further” to “take more shots per second” to “real macro mode up close shooting” to “control the shutter speed” to “control the exposure”… you get the picture.(heh, pun). I think this purchase may be one that i actually make a move towards, as I feel it necessary to have a real hobby that does not involve my career choice… (computers and things that directly relate to computers can’t solely be my hobby). Investing in a nice digital camera would allow me to move to another step, so i would actually feel like i’m pursuing a real hobby… perhaps “apiring amateur” would be a good description of what i’d like to be.

Another reason that i actually think it better to invest in a digital SLR as opposed to a “high end regular digital” is the fact that a Digital SLR would be infinitely scalable. Digital SLR would allow for the addition of upgrade lenses, add on flashes, etc.. (That is, if i were to ever really get serious about doing photography)… Or, i could just stick with the standard lens that comes with the SLR. Erego, the SLR, although a bit more (100-200 more) up front, proves without a doubt to be a better investment, IMO.

To help speed up this aquirement, i think i am going to sell my gameboy advance SP with all its games, accessories, and case on ebay… eh… maybe not…

Too long of a story short: I feel like photography as a hobby is really something i’m interested in… but damn that is alot of money to drop… If worst comes to worst, i’ll just wait till i get a year end bonus, as that should be 10% of my annual income, which would be pretty substantial.

ANGER >:-o


***addendum… let’s play legend of the green dragon!. who’s in?

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