P4P Workout.

Apparently, collegehumor.com today created a link on their main page that points to p4p…

“… Actually 30% of our viewers are felign” is the link title… and the link points to a picture in my gallery of my cat staring at collegehumor.com. how funny.

So far i’ve had like 3,000 hits today. and my server was crashed until noon from the many requests. I mean really… that is pretty funny.

Screenshots to follow…

Here’s the pic that got linked by CH.
Screenshots of some stats n stuff.

7 thoughts on “P4P Workout.

  1. vanlandw

    yeah those linker sites can just slaughter your server. i’m shocked bauercount hasn’t killed the bob yet after a few of the heavy days with the videos.

    the bob is an amazing server better then the one you got from bezon πŸ˜‰

  2. vanberge

    Saturday: 6,100 unique visits.
    Sunday: 4,000 unique visits.

    the bezon server has pretty much just been utterly destroyed.

  3. vanlandw

    good heavens….college humor making crap loads of money off your content on your bandwidth..what a bunch of cocks

    poor bezon server πŸ™

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