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*EDIT* I’ve started an album here for posting some images taken with the new digi. *EDIT*

Below you will find a picture of the new picture creating device that I purchased yesterday:


I have been craving a new digicam for some time now… and have finally arrived at this wonderful piece of electronics – The Fuji S700 (AKA the S5700).

This camera was a perfect buy for me because it gives access to advanced features while not destroying your bank account as bad as a Canon or Nikon. Given the lighter price tag, i did alot of research on this device and found only overwhelmingly positive user reviews. My decision was further solidified by being able to take a detailed look at Mickeyvb’s S5600 (essentially same camera, but 5.1 megapix vs. 7.1). A digital SLR is just too much camera for me, and i’m not a serious enough photographer to really justify that purchase. Therefore, an advanced point/shooter is my niche.

After a good play session on the mickster’s camera, and one more internet cruise looking for any reason not to purchase this camera, I finalized my decision and immediately withdrew the correct sum of money. I purchased the camera (Meijer. lol?) , a decent case for it (Best Buy), and then iced the cake with a UV filter and a Polarizer filter (Ritz camera). Unfortunately they only carried the Polarizer filter in a 49 millimeter size, so i had to also purchase an adapter ring to go from 46mm to 49mm. No big deal though, it was only like 3 dollars.

I haven’t had too much time to explore this camera yet, but here are my current likes/dislikes based on early opinions.


  • Quick power on/off times (1 second boot up/shut down)
  • 10x optical zoom
  • 7.1 megapixel vs 6.1 in the Canon PS
  • Plenty of manual play room (shutter, aperture, ISO, etc.)
  • Comfortable, ergonomically sound design
  • xD Memory (I already owned 1.5 gigs of xD memory)
  • Image stabilization
  • Large clear LCD display
  • Seemingly very good auto focus – even in macro/super macro mode. I’ve taken pictures up to approximately 1 inch from target
  • Intelligent flash – pops up if you need it, stays down if you dont
  • Upon close, detailed inspection.. it is NOT an Olympus D580


  • Only allows for 4 second exposures. This was fairly disappointing since the s5600 (which the S700 replaces) allowed for 15 second exposures. I can’t imagine why they would drop that capability. But, i also can’t really envision any time where I would use more than a 4 second exposure anyway.
  • Batteries – Takes 4 AA’s and due to the placement i do not see it possible to use Lithium ion or other. Looks like i’m stuck with the energizer rechargables.
  • Lens size. It was not easy to find filters for a 46mm lens.
  • Zoom controls are a little touchy. But, i am hoping this breaks in with use.
  • The flash seems somewhat harsh. But, it does have shooting modes that try to compensate for that.

Overall, I am really warmed up to this camera and really looking forward to dig into its capabilities. The fact that this Camera comes in approximately 150 dollars cheaper than the comparable Canon Powershot-IS is legitimately unbelievable. But, I’m glad it does. Kudos to Fuji on this product. I am mos def a fan.

4 thoughts on “New Digicam

  1. vanlandw

    I forgot to post on your purchase vanberge. Very nice!

    I am glad you purchased a new camera….hopefully this will revive some of the vanberge wall papers…don’t for get 1680 x 1050 size please 😛

    gg brb

  2. bun

    i agree with norm chow it is time for another wallpaper of vanberge eating cake. maybe at payner’s wedding? anyway, does anyone have the original?

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