This week, I finally decided to sign up for Netflix. The movie place I previously rented from had closed, so I wanted to be sure and choose “the correct” means of obtaining visual media for the future. After reviewing three contenders: Blockbuster, Hollywood video, and Netflix – the final decision was made. In the end, I just hate blockbuster and it’s hard to argue with the ease of use for Netflix.

Since signing up, I have found myself just plunged in to an abyss of rating movies and managing my queue. I’ve been a member for 3 days and my fat maws have already queued up over 100 films – with a little help from Vanbergs of course. I’ve rated over 200 movies. I’ve added “Fleaux” and “teh teee” as friends. It has generally been fun just being a Netflix member. It just sounds cool to say: “I use NetFlix”. All this and I’ve only watched 1 movie. (Casino royale; i didnt like it. 2 stars)

I’ve also taken this chance to do some fun integration with my website. Note the Movies page referenced in the top menu, and also the Netflix queue sidebar snippet. Yeah – I am a tremendous nerd. And I hate PHP.

At any rate… good game Netflix. And also good game NBC (The Black Donnelly’s).

19 thoughts on “NetFlix

  1. vanlandw

    agreed with kramer Casino Royale is a amazing

    I’m shocked you didn’t like it I though you would. Regardless nexflix is cool. I’ve seen the first episode of the black donnelly’s a very long time ago but didn’t keep with it. I’ll check it out since you seemed to have liked it so much.


  2. Vanberge Post author

    For me, it was too far from regular Bond movies.

    I didn’t really buy Daniel Craig as a Bond… He just seems too French.

    And through the whole middle of the movie, i was sure that i had made a mistake and rented “Rounders 2”.

    Too much french, too much poker, not enough action IMO.

  3. Vo

    That’s what happens when the movie series actually uses the source material instead of Denise and Halle’s nipples to base a movie on.

  4. bun

    have you “enabled” your steaming movies yet? when i did it i was still in beta and you had to enable it by clicking on some bootleg link (i have no idea what the process is now). i use it all the time, even though they don’t have that many good movies to choose from. if you pay $14 a month (like i do, 2 dvd plan) you get 14 hours of streaming content a month, etc.. the only shitty part is that you have to use IE7, and they are constantly updating their software.

    that being said, i will never leave netflix. i love them way too much. paying a little extra for them over blockbuster is worth it, if only for teh RSS. good game vanberge ๐Ÿ˜›

    i thought casino royale was “ok”. basically i’m just glad the bitch died in the end.

  5. Vanberge Post author

    Russ – I don’t ahve to enable them… they’re just ready to go. But no, i havent tried it yet. I’ll do that soon.

    I agree with you 100 % with the RSS feeds. Netflix > Blockbuster.
    The rss feeds alone have allowed p4p to become a better site!

  6. vanbergs

    Casino Royale was awesome, elephants being thrown like shotputs is awesome, and putting the original Gladiator at the top of vanberge’s neflix queue is awesome. On a related note, Russ is teh sucks

  7. vanlandw

    lmao i love russ

    Yes you have a very good “queue” going on there a lot of recent movies I want to see myself. The RSS is a nice feature. With blockbuster if you are close buy I do like the idea of returning a movie and getting another one. But your not close to one so it maybe a burden. Also netflix are assholes about new customers vs old. The new people get all the good shit right away where as the longer you are a member the worse you are treated. That doesn’t sit well with me personally it reminds me kinda of car insurance companies….you don’t crash your call for 30 years and when you do you have to pay that 500 deductible. Dogshit.

  8. vanlandw

    The other thing that bugs me about netflix is the profiles and ratings are closed for only members. I know people who are members I would like to view their ratings and reviews but I can’t. They should allow invites or something. Oh well you are vanberge I’m glad you have steady access to motion pictures.

  9. Vanberge

    Vanlandw – i have heard that about netflix (new vs. old customers) – but haven’t seen or spoken to anyone that has directly experienced that. Russ has been a member the longest of anyone i know and he is happy, but he doesnt rent ‘new releases’.

    You should obviously become a netflix member to view your friends ratings. ๐Ÿ˜›

  10. FLO

    The old vs. new is accurate. You’ve been able to rent the movie “Shooter”. For me, netflix says I have to wait 30 days before I can receive that title. However, I haven’t seen any change in the time it takes for movies to be sent to my home.

  11. Vo

    Reflecting on what’s currently in your queue:

    Deja Vu – excellent
    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – Didn’t see
    Blood Diamond – Didn’t see
    The Break-Up – Eh. Not enough shiny moments to make up for the bad
    Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl – Excellent
    Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Manโ€™s Chest – Not as Good, still good
    A Scanner Darkly – I loved it. Not for everyone though.
    World Trade Center – Didn’t see
    The Salton Sea – Didn’t see
    16 Blocks – Excellent

  12. bun

    basically netflix is good for long tail ( items. if you’re a “new release” person, after a few months you will become incredibly frustrated with companies like netflix. if you read chris anderson’s book, the most interesting part is how the long tail can actually shape and change cultural interests by making esoteric content easier to receive. you may think you want the latest lord of the rings dvd, but what you REALLY want is the Director’s Cut of Commando, which only really looks appealing to you and 3 other people. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Vanberge

    I’m really not much for new releases. If there is a movie that i’m gunning for on release; typically i buy that movie.

    If waiting 30 days before i can access new releases is the one con to netflix, i’m still plenty fine with that.

  14. Jeff

    Casino Royale sucked, 1 star.

    I have recently reactivated my account in order to view the entire Star Trek series. I don’t even like Star Trek, but someone pointed out that they are a bunch of commie mother fuckers. So I am reviewing it in that context.

    Anyhow. In my experience, you get the best performance if you queue contains less than 10 titles.

  15. Vanberge

    How about that… jja and myself agree on something! ๐Ÿ˜›

    If you theory/experience is correct jja, then i am in for bad performance. My q is currently 160 strong.

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