Nerd Vol. 2

Yesterday I finally found a digital camera that I felt OK spending money on. I purchased an Olympus D589. The lower end 3.2 megapixel olympus camera is usually 229 at Bestbuy and Circuit town… This ‘step up’ model was on sale at office max for 199. I got a 128 meg xd card, so I’m pretty sure im going to take pictures of everything that exists. I’ll be adding albums to the gallery in rapid succession

Continuing with my latest nerd venture: Python. I have been downloading program examples, reading up on Python, just trying to get the jist of it. I still dont know why, as I have no interest in doing any real programming. But, I found out through some article that alot of Google’s engineers use python.

That said, my ‘vending machine’ has made some progress. Vending Code

Tidbits: Dont make reservations at Carraba’s– still waited 25 minutes. Take student ID’s to see movies from now on. If your not a student, wait to rent. Im so sick of being price gouged. 7.75 i believe was the ticket price to see “Constantine”. I absolutely HATE price gouging. “You cannot bring your own candy into the movie!” — I wonder why they have that rule. Probably so you will pay 2.50 for a box of raisinets, and 3.50 for a soda. It seriously should be illegal. One of these days the world is just going to push itself off a ledge. We continue to ever so slightly nudge it in the back and smile.

i am frowning.


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