My Cellphone History

Somewhat on a whim, I decided to compile a list of every cell phone I have ever owned.  It was challenging to come back with some of the models, but I have done so successfully. I may update with pictures of all these rancid devices at some point.

  • Centurytel Nokia 5190
  • Alltel LG vx6000
  • Alltel Motorola v710
  • Alltel Motorola Razr v3m
  • Sprint/Nextel Blackberry 7510
  • Sprint/Nextel Blackberry 7520
  • Sprint/Nextel Blackberry 7100i
  • Sprint Blackberry 8830 world edition
  • Sprint 8830 world edition (again, job change)
  • Verizon Blackberry Curve 8330
  • Verizon Blackberry Storm 1
  • Verizon Blackberry Storm 2
  • Sprint Epic 4g Touch Galaxy S2
  • Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4

By far, the worst phone on this list is the Blackberry Storm 1. RIM deserved to fail after releasing that device.

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