The Next ‘Million Dollar Homepage’ Idea?

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The Page:

The Idea: The idea is fairly simple. I have a website where I lease out the front page space on a “per day” basis. Therefore, anyone who wants to advertise can purchase a day on my website and have their content displayed on the main entrance page for their day. In the meantime, their page and link information is stored in an index of all the purchasers. One thing I’m still not sure on is the price of a “day”. Tentatively it is 100 dollars flat fee.

It sounds a little weird to talk or write about – so I wasn’t even really sure if this was a ‘good’ idea or not. I ran it by a couple people to gauge a reaction, and generally got some pretty good feedback. I started to think about logistics ans plan for how this could even possibly work. I found it better to just start developing, and everything just kind of materialized from there.

Today marked my official launch of a real internet project: I have to admt, after seeing the site and getting it launched, I do feel pretty enthusiastic about it.

Before launching this, I googled around for hours and did all kinds of research – because I figured if this is a good idea then somebody must have tried it at some point in the past. I did find a couple “similar” sites that lay out a big calendar and show things like “Bobs birthday” – but that’s not really what I’m doing here.

To my knowledge, something like this has never been attempted before – And I feel like it might be a good enough idea to really make for an interesting project. I’m crossing my fingers here and we’ll see what happens.

Just for good measure:

7 thoughts on “The Next ‘Million Dollar Homepage’ Idea?

  1. vanlandw

    I like the site. Having a blog just for the page was a good idea. You should add a RSS feed for the daily owner.

    If you need some help let me know. When you get things more to your liking I can make a post on my site and put maybe a link on the BC forums or something. Maybe get the word out on the social network sites?

    Regardless you are vanberge four and you never know unless you try gg!

  2. Vanberge

    I hope so too vanbergs!

    Vanlandw your support would be much appreciated. Currently p4p is getting more hits than my new site. 🙂

    I did submit it to digg, and a couple people dug it already. Maybe that will help!

  3. vanlandw

    I was talking to vanbergs about your creation here is some constructive crit.

    1) Bulk buy? Your going to have a hard time getting people to pay $100 dollars for a weekend. Maybe you could sell 5 business days and give weekends free as part of a deal? $500 for seven days straight or $500 for five chosen days and two weekend days free? At least to start that could be a good idea.

    2)You could try selling the idea of “Owning a piece of the Internet”. I was thinking rather then just selling the idea of advertising you could sell the idea of putting things up like RIP’s or “will you marry” me type things. People who don’t know much about the internet or want to bring attention to something or something could buy into the idea of buying the front page for a day

    3) RSS Feed for “today’s owner”.

    4) Turn on comments for blog posts

    I’m going to add a link to and write a post about the page also I will put a note in the BC fourms to check out your new venture. You are doing a great job!


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