LoRD Brb

Well, it was fun while it lasted everyone…

Setting up everyone’s favorite BBS game to give us all a blast from the past and a taste of the good ol’ days was certainly a worthy experience. But, with lowered attendance, lack of interests, and everyone just generally being too busy, I have made the decision to decommission LoRD.

Thanks to everyone who joined in and signed up – it really was a great time while we were all playing. Highlights for me include the utter espionage engagement with Vanlandw, various fights against rival Jjafuller, and being one of only 3 people to slay the beast and complete the game.

In summary, I offer a bullet point listing of things taken away from this experience:

  • Vanlandw is a noob.
  • Nobody cares about your singing, Seth Able
  • Violet is promiscuous
  • Death Knights pwn noobs
  • People should just “not gone into the forest” in the first place

3 thoughts on “LoRD Brb

  1. Vo

    I will miss LoRD. After I got out to an early lead, my studies caused me to tank and everything in the damn forest killed me in one hit. It will be missed.

  2. Vanberge Post author

    Yeah being at level 5-8 the forest was really hard for some reason.

    You did have a pretty massive early lead – so it maybe was good that your studies got in the way. 🙂

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