Logitech Revue With Google TV

When Google TV was announced last year, I was giddy with anticipation for what that might mean.  I had been looking for a way to never have cable service again, and to blast into the world of on-demand and streaming media.  I COMPLETELY despised Comcast and sought every possible means to sever ties to them.

Hulu, Netflix, and other web content portals offer services that are real and legitimate competitors to the all-encompassing in home services like Comcast has to offer.  But there always seemed to be one key component missing.  That ONE show that I have to watch that doesn’t make it to Hulu, or the Redwings playoff game, or the Lions defeating the Packers for the first time in 5 years – There was always something missing from the equation.

The Logitech Revue was not really the device to bridge this gap.  It cost a lofty 300 dollars.  At that price point, there was zero chance of me purchasing one.

Not to mention that it only really shines when connected to a set-top box from your favorite TV provider; allowing you to search across your guide for your favorite shows, as well as find, schedule and play recordings, and finally access streaming content offered by your provider.  It certainly compliments rather than replaces.

Fast Forward 12 months.  I successfully ditched Comcast and am a happy and year-long Dish Network customer.  I have a pretty solid home theater with a 50 inch plasma, an Xbox 360, and surround sound.  To ice the cake, the Logitech Revue drops to $99.99 right at my birthday.

At that price, with a great service to integrate into, I was ready to make the jump.

The Good

  • Super easy to set up.  Power, HDMI in from my Dish DVR, HDMI out to my TV.  Done
  • Universal keyboard acts as remote control by just entering the model numbers of my existing equipment
  • Google Chrome web browsing, flash enabled and is very accurately rendered 
  • Clean interface, easy to navigate
  • Media streaming app instantly picked up my TVersity install (Which I use to stream to my Xbox)
The Bad

  • Lack of Android market
  • Lack of Hulu (Can’t even play it via Chrome browser)
  • Some application redundancies with things like Netflix, Pandora already accessible to me via Xbox, my TV
  • Keyboard size makes the $100 plus “mini controller” almost a necessity
The forthcoming Android 3.1 update will leap this device into potential greatness. According to Logitech, that is supposed to happen later this month.  Bringing with it a newly designed interface, and access to the Android market.  I’m very much looking forward to those new features.  I’ll post an update as to my thoughts on the device at that time.
Until then, I am just “ok” with this device, but at the $99 price it is definitely worth it solely to be able to have the search interface to find my media, and to quick check my email and facebook during commercials via a nice PiP interface.

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