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Since the ‘honeymoon’ stage of buying a house has transitioned into a less exciting more everyday feeling, i’ve finally had a chance to get my priorities back in order. An unordered bulleted list ensues:

  • I have watched alot of movies recently. (More on this later)
  • I beat guitar hero on hard. Vanbergs can attest to the sheer difficulty of this
  • For some reason, i love basketball of the sudden. I watch NCAA. I watch the Pistons. I even bought NBA Live 2006 by EA sports which i despise for their monopolization of the NFL game market. Ef that. Ef vanberge.
  • House Party = successful.
  • Rusty loves red wine. {shake. moan. blargh}.
  • I am definitely losing the motivation to maintain and update my webpage. Is it honestly worth it?

pointless sequel: noun. American origin. Also see Saw II.

A history of Violence.
I really liked this Movie… Aragorn is really quite a bad ass. I wasn’t sure about the ending, but i can’t concieve any better ending in my own mind – so i have made peace with that. I will probably buy this movie.

Im sick of this update… brb

11 thoughts on “Life in General

  1. Jeff

    I agree that, A History of Violence, was a pretty good movie. There is not really any particular part that I did not like.

  2. vanlandw

    vanberge don’t pull a rusty and take your site down. just update like once a week it’s good for the mind.

    Saw 2 was “ok”. I liked a few of the scenes and was a good popcorn movie. Vanbergs is going to be angry you did not enjoy this film.

    AHOV was pretty good. I liked the “action” scenes as they were quick but effective. Also there was full frontal and a movie gets a thumbs up by me for displaying some famous bush :-[

    brb :-[

  3. vanbergs

    Clearly, the fact that you could not name any of the characters’ names is not a flaw of the film, it’s a horror movie. The main character in the movie was Jigsaw, it was pretty much a character study of him, and Eric (Donnie’s character) was secondary. The other characters’ purposes were simply to die, so if you wanted a movie with intense character development, I’d suggest not watching a HORROR movie, because they are traditionally not known for their hefty amounts of such a development. Furthermore, we as viewers know little to nothing about Donnie Wahlberg’s character.

    Also, all the characters that you mentioned from other movies are pretty much “icons”, not mere characters. Jigsaw is becoming a horror icon as well, he’s the man, and I’m saddened by the fact that you did not enjoy that movie.

  4. vanberge

    you are so dumb sometimes vanbergs. you argue just for the point of arguing.

    “Jigsaw” Mc Oldie is hardly a horror movie icon. And i didnt say that Saw II needed to have ‘intense character development’… But i should have been able to remember the main characters name. EF you vanbergs.

    “Freddy vs. jason is a sweet movie.” . . .

    The shining is a good horror movie. You remember the character’s names. Saw II was not a good movie.

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