Job Change

It’s not every day you have your “last day” at a job you’ve worked at for nearly 4 years.  But, that’s what today is for me.

Everyone’s been very nice to me during this transitional phase – but I can’t help feeling very strange about it all.  On one hand, it’s very exciting for me to be looking forward to an amazing new opportunity.  In fact, I can’t wait to start!  But on the other hand – the people I’ve worked with over these years have become friends; and it does feel strange to think I’ll never be back here again…

Regardless, I’m embracing this change in full, and I feel very optimistic being a young professional in an exciting field.  I’m realizing that the IT industry has alot to offer (even in West Michigan) – and it’s definitely worth seeing it from a fresh perspective.  And I must say – I don’t feel bad about getting out of banking with the current economic climate.  I’ll feel significantly more secure working in the health care industry.

All in all, it’s a very exciting time for me – and I look forward to learning alot of new things and getting a breath of fresh air.

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