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I realized today that I have never publicized the specifics of me leaving my last job.. I wanted to take the chance and do it here because of recent developments. I urge the reader to embark, even though it may be lengthy. (hopefully longer than 4 paragraphs, since nearly every one of my posts in this journal has been 4 paragraphs–completely unintentional).

This warm story begins in May of 2003. I had just graduated from GVSU with a BS in Information Systems. I had just started a new job (with Progressive Distribution Services, Incorporated), and I realized during my first day that there was something very wrong with that company. My workspace had not been readied for me, no training was involved, it was really a complete hack of a company.

Some background: The work environment at progressive distribution services, inc was absolutely nothing short of pure communism. Upper managment (and by upper management, I mean the one owner of the company) used intimidation into making employees work extra long hours, and attempt to handle ridiculous work loads. When anybody fell short on any task, they were cussed at, and completely disrespected. It was absolutely disgusting. It was impossible NOT to fall short with the workloads that were spread amongst the staff. In the year and a half that I worked there, I never took any vacation. Not even one single day. Never-the-less, yelling, screaming, cussing could be heard from anywhere since it was a small office. This all stemmed from one point, one man–my nemesis.

Fast forward to September of 2004, when my then manager (also the company’s owner) was absolutely berating myself and a programmer for a systems problem. This was no variance from any norm. And we were already working to fix the problem. This time was different for me. I felt a boiling rage. My gut instinct and reflex was to grab my “pager” from my belt and toss it to this disgusting human being. As it flew through the air, I yelled: “I AM DONE WORKING FOR THIS COMPANY… AS OF RIGHT NOW”. I went to my desk and began packing my things… I was done. He asked me several times to go into his office and talk about this privately. And to the first 4 or 5 times, I flat out said “Nope”. But then, I agreed. I started screaming at him.. And anybody that knows me knows that this is the furthest from the kind of person that I am. “DO YOU THINK THAT SCREAMING AT ME IS GOING TO GET THE JOB DONE ANY FASTER!?!? — “YOU NEED TO STOP RIDING MY ASS AND LET ME DO MY JOB!!” etc. Then, i left. I drove my car and called my girlfriend and parents to decide what to do next.

The rage had subsided, and I was starting to think logically again. Based on some advice and support, I drove back and said “This is the start of my 2 week notice” which I only did because I didnt want my coworkers to have my responsibilities dropped onto them with no notice. After that discussion with my boss, i took the rest of that day off. I barely spoke to him again during the two weeks that followed.

Basically, that day in early September was my “Point Break”. And I had pretty much all but backed the memories out of my head. BUT…. This week it all came back. Before I had gotten a new job, I had filed an unemployment claim because money was starting to get pretty tight. Shortly after I filed that claim, I was offered a job that I accepted- So the claim was not pursued. I would have had to answer a questionaire, and call to claim my funds once approved. So….. This week I get a letter from the unemployment agency, essentaily it was Progressive’s response to my unemployment claim. It follows: “The employee quit for personal reasons, and inability to handle the stress of the outlined position”. Basically, he blamed it on me. I can handle the stress of a job. What I couldn’t handle was Joseph Stalin being my boss. Reading this letter sent me over the edge. I decided to give John a piece of my mind via email… Check it Out.

Man that felt good… I didn’t really figure on getting a response, but sure enough…. here it is.

He made no reference or rebuttal on the personal attacks I made on him, but
apparently is just issuing me a check. I feel that is some warped attempt at
an apology, but I dont accept it. I will take this money and blow it in Las Vegas in late March.


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