Internet Explorer 7

So M$ has released internet explorer 7 in beta… Since it requires validation, I installed it on my work computer.

I took some screenshots… check them out.

Basically, it adds tabbed browsing and a new look/feel. However, they did try to outdo firefox’s tabbed browsing with a thumbnail view of all open tabs… Overall, I kind of like it 🙁

6 thoughts on “Internet Explorer 7

  1. vanlandw

    you can get a extension in firefox to do thumbnail view…..opera and a few others will do it as well.

    it looks better the only thing i give a crap about is if they clean up .png support and at least try to adhere to any form of css standard.

    looks like at the LEAST a step in the right direction but firefox and safari are for me…..other at work where i’m stuck using IE and windows 🙁

  2. mickeyvb

    gee… let’s examine this ‘historically’…

    2004… push out IE 6…
    2004 + 2 days… push out security patches for IE 6..
    every other day after that… patch the patches…
    2005… put half the development team re-patching, the other half coding a ‘new’ and ‘improved’ version of IE..
    2006… push IE 7 out as beta, hope foolish people will try it, so that the new code that auto-integrates it permanently in system will be insipidly embedded forever…

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