Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero
I had heard a few people mention the game “Guitar Hero” for playsation 2. I never really thought much of it… I used to somewhat play guitar when I could leech on enfuego’s Ibanez’s… Learned the chords to a few easy songs, etc. That was years ago. I am far from a guitar enthusiast.

So, on Saturday at Best buy; they had the Guitar Hero game on demonstration. There were a couple of guys playing and I thought “Hmm… that looks pretty cool”. This game has an actual guitar that acts as the controller, with 6 fret buttons and a little fin that flips up and down (to act like you strumming the strings). I wandered around for a bit, and finally the guys left and i grabbed the guitar (controller) to start playing. Instantly, I was severely addicted to this game. I first played “I love rock an roll” by Joan Jett… It was one of the easier songs so I could quickly get the hang of how the game played. Then I played “Iron Man”… The game was just absolute fun. A functional whammy bar… the sound in the game is amazing… the controls of the ‘guitar’ are very fluid. Basically, i took saturday night to read some reviews, do a little research into the song listing, and to sleep on it (and see if i could maybe get it for valentines day). c 8 on that.

So, Sunday I purchased it. The cost seems maybe 10 dollars too steep at 70 bucks… But already this game is worth every penny. I spent 10 hours rifling from everything through “Thunderkiss 65” by White Zombie to “Unsung” by helmet. The songs in the game are really well picked. There is a great mix of some various different kinds of music (Boston, Sum41, etc.). Although I dont necessarily like all of the songs on there, they are still totally fun to play. Obviously i’m not serious about becoming a rockstar… It’s never been a dream of mine. But you can’t help bobbing your head and jamming out a little. Guitar Hero does a pretty damn good job of making you feel like a rockstar. I suppose 5.1 surround sound cranked way the ef up doesn’t hurt either.

IGN rated this game at a 9.2. That’s right on the heels of games like Halo 2 and GTA San Andreas. I agree with the ratings completely. This game totally took me by surprise and I absolutely love it. When I get paid this week I’m going to purchase an additional guitar controller – as I’ve read (and it looks like) the multiplayer aspect of the game is what really does it.

14 thoughts on “Guitar Hero

  1. Megango

    I’m going to ask my library to purchase this game. What a cool teen program it would make. And also, I can learn how to play Thunderkiss ’65, one of my favorite anthems.

  2. vanlandw

    kramer….ps2 only…goedge….buy a ps2 right now…vanberge….i have an article in a mag about this game you need to read make sure i give it to you…brb clicking vanberge’s ads

  3. vanlandw

    also not to be a nit-picker but in game play the PS2 is not able to do 5.1…it uses Dolby Pro Logic II. It’s pretty much the same damn thing but in easy terms is fakes 5.1. I know a few games (DMC3) will do cut scene 5.1 but when it jumps back to gameplay it ultilizes DPLII. :-*

    with DVD playback the ps2 can do 5.1 and DTS.

  4. jason

    now you can become the geeeetttaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrr man! right on van about the 5.1, you beat me to the explanation 🙂 brb, clicking on ads as well.

  5. vanberge

    i almost deleted your comment vanlandw.

    apparently you are dutch nit picking everything i say.

    CLEARLY…. i was referring to ‘most recent wpe when considering present company’… as ‘chloe’ is not part of our group of friends.

  6. Jeff

    Clearly, I did not exclude myself when I said “everyone.”

    Also, Rusty putting my on wpe was for a purely bullshit reason.

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