Grey Matter Theme

Today I was browsing through WordPress themes in search of something better than my previous “Panorama” theme…

I really liked Panorama, but in the end I think it had a little much going on for my taste.

Enter Grey Matter theme – a clean, simple, elegant theme for WordPress that has the same base color palette that the Panorama theme had.  But, as you can see – much less to it.

For once promising myself that I was never going to switch away from K2; I sure have been changing themes around alot.

I’ve got everything pretty much how I want it except for my Pictures page – still a little style.css tweakage to clean that up will be necessary.  But, all the other main components have been updated and integrated to fit with my sidebar/footer/header/page content.

I really like WordPress.

5 thoughts on “Grey Matter Theme

  1. chouse

    this is an excellent clean theme. good find. i have been looking for a replacement. unfortunately i am pretty lazy so i’m sure it will never happen. website/blog what?

  2. vanlandw

    @chouse – clearly you should blog a lot more 🙂 Aside from google reader I’ve been spending about 0 time at FB/Twitter and migrating back more to blogs and news.

    @vanberge – gg on the new theme. I’ve been enjoying the simple themes and designs on blogs recently. I’m hoping soon to have a logo designed for me to put on my page thus why I’m keeping the vanilla theme for now.


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