Google Voice Voicemail Transcription

I have just recently enabled the “transcription” capability on my Google Voice account. Transcription allows Google Voice to create a text output of the voicemail and email it to me. Judging by the voicemail you will read below, my brother has likely sustained a serious head injury… OR – Google Voice speech recognition still needs some fine tuning in its early stages.
Read and enjoy his voicemail below.

Steve VanBergen – mobile – 11:19 AM

hi eric van bergen i’m sorry i missed my phone call to i was just calling to see if you’d be able to do me a favor detail i got a bike and we were gonna see if you’ve a chance had a little portable air phone thing i can’t remember if you got wanna and then also gonna see if you’ve had a drill reduction shelving the screw the in there we need a drill because her dress is gonna be too hard up something all that so if you have either of those items are willing to let me about them for the afternoon then i will come up payment from you i hope you had fun at your to chris is grandmothers birthday they’re beach

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