Google Voice – Two Weeks In

Thought I’d quick post a few thoughts now that I’ve been using Google Voice for a couple weeks and have had a chance to get my hands dirty.

The basic functionality alone makes Google Voice totally worth using. Being able to have 1 number to give to friends, family, or co-workers and have that single number ring all your phones depending on different schedules is pretty much priceless. That, combined with unified voicemail that is also available online and is even transcribed has been amazing for me. But as I’ve used and explored Google Voice a bit deeper, I realize there’s a pretty good slew of features that I hadn’t even tried out.

Recording Calls.
Apparently you can press “4” to start/stop recording any phone call. These recordings are then saved and accessible via the web. This is something I haven’t really done too much with as of yet, but its nice to know that feature is available. The possibilities are endless here. My inner child longs to make prank calls using Arnold quotes and post them online for everyone. Just kidding! But seriously callers beware I may record your call and publish it. 😉

Transferring Calls.
While on a phone call via Google Voice, you simply have to press the * key. This keypress will then begin ringing all other phones that you’ve registered with Google Voice. This functionality I have used: Walking into my house while on my cell phone; I hit the * key and picked up my home phone which immediately began to ring. Nice, simple, easy functionality that allows you to switch phones without the person on the other end even having a clue that it happened.

VoiceMail ListenIn.
If you happen to just miss a call or send it to voicemail – Your GoogleVoice allows you to eavesdrop on the person currently leaving you a message. Even better, if you like what they’re saying you can press * to override the voicemail and pick the call back up. This one isn’t something I see myself doing very often, but it’s good to know that it’s there, and is a pretty cool added benefit.

Those are the main things I’ve found recently that were pleasant surprises. Overall, it seems like Google is constantly molding this service to do more with communications in general. Even in the beta stage it’s been a very solid product that I have really enjoyed having.

2 thoughts on “Google Voice – Two Weeks In

  1. Eric Knight

    You may think twice before recording some phone calls. In some states, such as Caifornia, recording calls without permission is a FELONY.

  2. Vanberge Post author


    Oh I realize that – and the Google Voice systems do as well; because if you turn on recording it will loudly state “CALL RECORDING ON”

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