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Finally… one of my favorite applications has been ported over to “teh” linux. (Now we just need iTunes, Counter Strike, and some (by ‘some’ i mean ANY) video editing applcation). Digress: Google released Google desktop for Linux. I’ve used Google Desktop for awhile – both at home and at work. Let me tell you something – if you haven’t used desktop search in some capacity yet in your life, then you are seriously missing out. Instead of trying to remember which folder under “My Documents” you might have put your resume; or where that video of “3rd Strike – No light” is currently residing; just pop open the desktop search and type “eric vanbergen resume” (obviously inserting your own name); “3rd strike”; or whateve else you want to find on your computer.

Without failure, the result is exactly what you are looking for. I have used a couple different search tools (including Beagle). They all do a pretty good job… Hell, even Micrsoft’s Desktop Search is phenominal, but… I do like Google’s better. In my opinion, its the best desktop search tool out there. It indexes files, word docs, pdf’s, media files (id3, even.. i think), your email, your gmail, your web history… etc.

The linux version is Beta – and with Google’s track record it will probably be Beta till about the year 2047. I’m not complaining though, Google’s beta software is better than 99% of other software in the world today. Hopefully they decide to add the sidebar with the next linux version though. I don’t see it in this initial release, and that is one killer part of the Google Desktop.

At any rate: Check out some screenies of Google Destkop running in Linux

Of other note – We now have two pets. 1 gato named “Kitt” that has been with us for 3 years, and now we’ve added “Kali” (prn: calley) the Scottish Terrier. So far, all is well. She’s a good dog and seems to get along with our cat very well. A few screenshots of “teh” dog are available as well.

10 thoughts on “Google Desktop

  1. vanlandw

    Your doggie is so cute. She will thrive in a new home and will have to learn to be a Van…aka eating everything in reach.

    I am also glad google released a application you enjoy. There is a mac version of google desktop but i don’t really see a use for it. For the rare times I use search I’ve found spotlight or quicksliver to fit my needs. Doesn’t vista have an updated search?

    Also does google desktop search network shares? Spotlight doesn’t do that much to my frustration but Leopard will add that functionally.


  2. Vanberge

    Vista has the microsoft search built in – yes. It’s pretty good. The version for XP is better because you can put a search toolbar on the start bar. Vista’s is not quite as easily accessible.

    I believe google desktop for windows will search network shares; but I think it is an option that you have to ‘turn on’. Not sure about ‘teh’ mac version

  3. Kramer

    I have not tried Google Desktop for Mac, hell, I don’t even know if they have Google Desktop for mac. I guess if they have it for Linux, they probably do for the Mac.

    I have been pleased with Spotlight though, although there are a few times it hasn’t found what I wanted.

  4. Vanberge

    because i can just type “eric vanbergen resume” instead of typing: “find /home/vanberge -name “*resume*” -type f -print

  5. Vanberge

    jja… do you use find or locate vs. using spotlinght? im quite certain not.

    Im not a linux die hard that does everything by command line. surely there are efficiencies to utilizing the “gui”

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