Generally Unbelievable

Quite a few things are pretty much hard for me to wrap my head around in my life currently…

1: I seriously get married one week from today. I don’t think this has truly ‘hit me’ yet. The whole idea seems a bit surreal even now. Maybe because we’ve been dating so long already? Maybe becaue we already live together? I’m not sure. I feel passive regarding the whole thing. I guess in my mind it feels like the wedding day is still months away. It’s not, vanberge.

2: Bachelor party to end all bachelor parties. Last weekend was legitimately the most fun that I believe I can have. Getting shot with paintballs hurts, but not nearly enough to shy one away from jumping right into the next round. My legs were soar for 4 days, and i still have bruises from some of the impacts. But overall I feel paintball is something that will soon be visited again by the Vanberge. Losing at the casino, nonstop rain, not even drinking very much… none of these things hindered the weekend even one bit. I had a fantastic time, and I’m glad that everyone was able to make it out. Vanbergs, vanlandw, flo, payner, russ, jja, tom, enfuego… Thank you all very much.

3: Big Vacation. I have to work on monday, and then tuesday… but following that I will not be returning to work until October 18th. I’m definitely looking forward to an extravagant honeymoon… but more so looking forward to ‘not working’. I haven’t had a vacation in quite some time, so some time away will do me some good for sure.

4: Linux. I don’t know what is wrong with me, but for some reason i just have to uninstall / re-install OS’es like every 2 months. Today i embarked on the task of finding a new linux OS for my laptop. The laptop is decent… 900 mhz, 20 gig hd, 256 megs ram. So a good clean OS is worth it… Previously, I had been running ubuntu for some time, but that’s grown stale for sure. So, i being searching for my next laptop disrto… I started with Slackware Linux 10.2 – terrible wireless support (although, a very cool distro). Then went to Simply Mepis 6.0. Mepis has KDE which is abysmal… And i couldnt see any easy alternatives. I tried fluxbox unsuccessfully, and then decided mepis was not for me. Then we stop on Fedora Core 5. The default desktop is Gnome, the look and feel is good… so I decide to stick with Fedora core 5. For some god hideous reason i find it necessary to tweak with this Operating system and hack the gibson to make my wireless card work. I’ve never spent so much time on something in my life. Jesus. Hopefully these steps will help out some poor bastard some day… Since it took me forever to arrive at this scenario.

  1. Download ndiswrapper
  2. gunzip ndiswrapper.tar.gz
  3. tar -xvf ndiswrapper.tar
  4. cd ndiswrapper
  5. make
  6. make install
  7. ndiswrapper -i /dev/cdrom/WindowsDriverFile.INF
  8. modprobe ndiswrapper
  9. echo “alias ndiswrapper wlan0” >> /etc/modprobe.conf
  10. Configure Wireless Settings accordingly.

6 thoughts on “Generally Unbelievable

  1. Jeff

    Why didn’t you just get SuSe? It has the best wireless card support as far as I know. I believe it is the only distro to support WPA2 out of the box.

  2. vanlandw

    you are vanberge number four :-[

    you and your linux :-*

    do you ever end up getting any work done on linux or do you end up spending countless hours getting it to work? that is what always happens to me….i never get any work or anything acomplished other then getting things to work how i want 🙁

  3. vanberge

    jja – you are kind of correct… they support the newer WPA encryption stuff, and suse has the nicest wireless tools.

    However, its package management system is dogshit “Yast”. Fedora has Yum, and ubuntu has apt… those are both awesome. Also, i tried suse 10 and 10.1, both run like absolute crap on my laptop for some reason.

    Russellteee – gg.. wait awhile because fedora core 6 comes out soon. right now it is in beta 3.

    Vanlandw… of course i got it to work. i’m vanberge.

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