Gary Fisher Wingra

Gary Fisher WingraFor the last two to three weeks, I have been stuck on the notion that I MUST own a bicycle.  I haven’t had a bike since I was probably 13 or 14, and I figure riding a bike is about 500 times more enjoyable than running.  I’ve been shopping around with the thought that I wanted a “roadish” bike that I could ride back and forth to work (4.1 miles) comfortably, but that could also hit a light path without dumping me.  I definitely didn’t want a full on road bike with the underhook type handle bars.  Doing a fair amount of research put me onto a class of bike called a “commuter” or “urban” depending on which brand you’re looking at.

I started looking at Trek, really because that’s the only bicycle brand that I’ve ever known to be top notch.  So, I spent alot of time shopping Trek bikes online and reading reviews about their different models.  In the end, I was certain that I would be purchasing a Trek SU 2.0 just from reading online about it.

Then i started to call around bike shops and ask some preliminary questions – what size frame do I need?  Is a Trek SU 2.0 going to do what I want it to?  What accessories are must haves?  etc.  From there, the next step was going into a bike shop and checking out the goods first hand.  And I was completely amazed that after one trip to a bike shop, some discussion with the biker guru employees, and a couple test rides – I had put a bike on layaway.  Not a SU 2.0.  Not even a Trek.  Rather, a brand and model I hadn’t even previously heard of: The Gary Fisher Wingra.

I picked up the bike last friday, and in the first 4 days of ownership I rode it 20 miles.  I rode it 8 miles home from the bike shop right after picking it up.  I road it to work a couple days this week (thank god our office has a shower.) and I rode around our neighborhood a few times just getting a feel for it.

The bike wasn’t too bad really pricewise – but I bought a speedo/odometer, a helmet, a lock, some bar end grips, a water bottle holder, a rack/pack carrier, and a little carry bag that attaches under the seat.  After all was said and done, we had to spend a little more than I liked – but I figured out that each day I ride my bike to work will save me about 2 bucks in gas – and I only live 4.1 miles from home.  Not to mention, riding my bike to work is a pretty good way for me to get some much needed exercise.

All in all – W00t Gary Fisher’s wingra.  Check out some pics.

4 thoughts on “Gary Fisher Wingra

  1. bergs del van

    “I bought a speedo/odometer”

    The thought of you wearing a speedo while checking how fast you are currently riding your bicycle is providing me with severe mental anguish and rampant physiological responses that are simply frightening and unmanageable.

  2. vanlandw

    I thought the picture of vanberge sitting on the whale raft would be funny. Just imagine vanberge wearing a homosexual bathing suit tight upon his manhood all the while riding a bike.


  3. adam

    I wish I worked 4 miles from home. Alas, it used to be 11 miles – abit of a trek – but I got moved to another office, about 22-24 miles away. Too far to ride, period.

    Good work with a bike – you’ll have fun!

  4. Jimbo

    I was once a heavy distance rider. had a few Trek road bikes and a Gitane Super Corsa. About 20 years ago

    I started looking for bike that would accommodate my need for performance, age, lack of riding and budget.

    I cannot stay off of the Wingra. It is really a great bike for me. It is a little hard on the rear at first but it passes. Then it is enjoyable. I am gonna start looking for a road bike soon.

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