11 thoughts on “Gamgee perish

  1. vanlandw

    clearly you must go back into the 24 archives and make sure every “gamgee” is counted and noted accordingly. if you need any assistance let me know. i think we could burn you a few cd’s with the past eps. flo keeps them I think.

  2. vanberge

    vanlandw – i agree. i’ll try to get that scheduled.

    bun – it is my feeling that a gamgee must involve the actual human samwise gamgee. Either on the giving, or receiving end.

  3. vanlandw

    i agree with vanberge…..for it to be on the “offical count” the gamgee must involve “gamgee”. when in public it’s ok to say “i just gamgeed russellteee” but to be on the count it must have have included sean astin.

  4. mickeyvb

    I vote any non-actual-sam-wise-gam-gee action be officially declared a ‘rudy’… michelle got rudy’d, tony got rudy’d…., poor security guard got rudy’d, edgar really got rudy’d, and poor rudy got gamgee’d.

  5. vanlandw

    ef you russ…..if you have nothing positive to add to the conversation you shouldn’t say anything at all. without question you are the largest “nub” of all time.

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