As i’ve been migrating my site, i’ve pretty much settled on the fact that i’m not going to put my old yabbse/smf forum back on line.  It’s really just not worth it.

That said – I’d like to give a shot to using forums again.  Everyone’s tried them, and they go in and out of style… but I think we need to get back into it. has a fresh install of phpBB2…  It is my suggestion that we implement a “General” or “Vanhood” category on these forums for movie/tv/videogame/paintball/etc. usage.

Suggestions?  Comments?  brb.

3 thoughts on “Forum…

  1. Vanberge Post author

    I liked them too kramer… It was like chatting on line; but slower. 🙂

    They just seem to go out of in and out of style :’-(

  2. Vanberge Post author

    Alright… I changed the Forum link up in the header so that it’ll take a user to the forum with all the Scion blocks minimized.

    I created a template as a starting point.

    We’ll see what happens.
    Vanbergs, post something in the forum. you were the first person to sign up and you havent even made 1 post on!

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