Forgot about my website.


Went to Indiana to see a Dave Matthews concert, slight upkeep on site design, saw the hardest rain ever, saw batman begins (on imax), own way too many dress clothes, feel very adult as of late, happy fathers day to mickeyvb, etc etc.

Of course it has been some time since I have updated. This really is the norm. Moving on…

Although I’m really no fan whatsoever of the Dave Matthews band, I went to a concert in Noblesville Indiana. I had bought the tickets as a birthday present for my novia (they are like her favorite band), so pretty much I had to go. I forced myself to go with an open mind, and was pleasantly surprised. I’m not going to go out and buy all the CD’s or anything, but the concert really was quite an experience. There is a complete diversity among the fans of that band that I have never seen before. People from all walks of life drove all kinds of miles just to see this band. Old couples, frat boys, hippies, middle aged men with their buddies, teenie boppers, biker dudes…

These people have such a love for this band that they were willing to sit in record setting rainfall (i’ve heard it was 3 inches in 1 hour) to see the band. The concert took place at the Verizon Wireless Music center, which has probably 5,000 seats covered by pavillion roof (where I was, but STILL got wet), so there are about 15,200 people on the lawn, just absorbing mother nature at her worst. This storm was ubelievable… It was the remnance of tropical storm “arlene” and it was wind and rain like I really don’t think i have ever seen…

But I have to say that I’m actually glad it happened that way… The wierd weather situation added a certain energy to the whole concert. Peoples attitude’s changed, the bands play changed. Everybody got into it a little bit more… This post is getting long, so to make a long story short, the Dave Matthews band really gets into their music… The concert goer can’t help but do the same.

as a P.S. – I’ve lately been trying to think about my life from an outside
perspective. Where is it at? Where is it going? Where do I want it to be?
Where do I want it to go? Should I change something? Should I add something?
Like I said though, I’ve been trying to do that… I’ll have to see if
it really happens.


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