Fantasy Footoball Preview

This year, I’m looking forward to fantasy football even more than previous years…

My first venture into FF was just disgusting. The 3-11 record still lowers my self esteem to this day. I drafted as a “Fan” instead of as a intelligent FF owner; and my horrible record reflected that perfectly.

My 2nd year was a big turnaround – I drafted MUCH better, and picked up some really good players on the waiver wire. Kurt Warner and DeAngelo Williams both just kicked butt for me; which made up for my serious flops of Derrick Anderson and Chad “Ocho Cinco” (still bitter about that).

My team scored the most points in the league during the regular season; but even with that I BARELY made the post season in 8th place. I was still happy with that; since I was pretty competitive overall…

We’ll see what happens this year – but I’m making a personal pact to pick COMPLETELY different players from last year. I want a totally different team with no “Fan” based drafting. Bring on Fantasy football 09

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