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2695I first saw this when browsing the famous “csh.us“… A very slick module for wordpress that allows Gallery to be embedded. As well as easy integration so it’s easy to post images/albums into wordpress entries, side bar random images, etc.  I emailed csh, and he informed me of the module’s name, “WPG2”. This was pretty tricky to get working correctly, so make sure to read all the docs before you just dive in head first.

In a nutshell – an ORDERED list of the steps taken:

  1. Download WPG2 here.
  2. Install as a wordpress plugin, desribed here.
  3. Activate and initial configuration of WPG2 module like this.
  4. I found it helpful to change the theme of Gallery to “Siriux”. Made it fit MUCH better. Looks hot. (Gallery, Site admin, Display – > Themes, Change ‘Default’ theme from Matrix to Siriux)
  5. More or less go here after you have trouble. Depending on your theme, you might have to write custom header and footer files, but that is described in the configuration page.

This is awesome.. I highly recommend it… In fact, I actually kind of like my site now. I’m happy with the theme, i’m happy with the hosting, i’m happy with the gallery integration. Really, gallery is an awesome program/web app but the interface has always needed some work in my opinion. Navigation and management are very tedious and it always seems like a challenge to do the easiest things. This embedded mod cleans that up alot, and really “ties the room together”. Thanks CSH for putting me onto WPG2… IMHO, is the best wordpress plugin ever even contemplated.


4 thoughts on “Embedded Gallery

  1. vanlandw

    pretty cool vanberge i like it…i’m still trying to come up with a good solution to my “i have images all over the web” issue.


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