Eliminate. the penny

This idea has very real merit to it… read on

I have contemplated this many times in the past, and it happened once again today when looking at a sign for the price of gas. 2.24 for a gallon of gas, 49 cents for a candy bar, 1.09 for a 20 oz. pop, 19.99 for a DVD. By now I hope you are getting the picture.

I say, let us eliminate the penny, completely. The lowest denomination of money should be the nickel. What does anybody ever do with pennies that they get as
change? Throw them in some jar? So 5 years later you can count out 1,300 pennies, roll them into 13 ‘penny rolls’ and cash them in at the bank!??! Wow, that is well worth 13 dollars.

I dont even care if people round up. I’d rather spend 150.00 even on an X-box than 149.99. I’m no “economist”- but it seems like the time, money, and effort saved by NOT manufacturing pennies in the first place would more than make up for any round ups that would inevitably occur. There really must be some better use for the tons of copper that are just sitting in peoples houses across this entire country.

Sound stupid? Pointless? maybe. But seriously think about it.


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