I love to drive, plain and simple. I like taking rides on sunny days. I like power sliding in the snow. I like doing donuts. I washed my car and vaccumed it out yesterday. I even shiny tire foamed the tires. AND–I’ve always been a sucker for driving related video games. This sickness dates back probably 10 years, when my father purchased us “The Need for Speed”– Maybe the best driving game ever. I believe this game to be the catalyst for it all. And it continued up through “Daytona USA”, “Destruction Derby”, Both “Midnight Clubs”, and plenty of other “Need for Speeds”. Basically, everything I wish I could do in an automobile is done virtually through these outlets.

The latest ailment for me has been Gran Turismo 4. I really enjoyed its predecessor, Gran Turismo 3… It had amazing graphics, and as far as driving games go it was completely revolutionary. The “driver” could pick from hundreds of cars, tons of courses, rally car racing, you get the picture. The ONLY problem was the speed of the game. Vanbergs and I would get cars souped up and going 200, 300 miles per hour, and the world slowly murmured by like we were doing 55 in a 70. That was almost enough to completely ruin the game. almost.

Enter Gran Turismo 4. more cars, more tracks, importing GT 3 credits, speed issue definitely resolved. It’s almost worth purchasing just to do a race and watch the replay. The graphics are absolutely breathtaking, especially for a PS2. So far, I have like 15 cars, probably 25 % game completion. It really is the most fun that I have had in a driving game. I think this feeling is enhanced by me recently purchasing a brand new car, and I get to “drive” all the cars that I would have loved to purchase if money was not an issue. Subaru WRX, pontiac GTO, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo. Then you basically buy add ons and soup up your car. There’s almost a part of my soul that wants to waste money on doing this type of thing to my car… But I am no racecar driver, so I have been able to get my “fix” virtually.

I think I just love cars, as cliche as that sounds. My father used to drag
race, I’ve always watched “Motor Trend Television” which has recently become
“Car and Driver Television” with the exit of Jim Scoutten, I always wanted to
do burnouts, do donuts, drive fast… Even before I had my license I just
couldnt wait to drive. Currently in my 24th year on this earth, I still get a
natural sort of high by taking my car and just rifling it through the gears up
to 90 mph (which I did yesterday after giving her a bath: you have to air
dry it for spotlessness). I love my car. One of these days I’m going to take it up to
it’s “governed” limit of 127 miles per hour. If anybody ever wants to buy me
an extravogant gift for whatever reason… please consider some type of racing
school weekend. 🙂


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