dr. vanberge

I am quite sure that in my wake of one of the worst headcolds ever (possibly including bronchitis), that i have invented a fool proof medicine that will cure the disease 100 % of the time

It goes as follows: drink 5 hot green tea’s, drink 1 dayquil shot, one robitussin shot, drink 3 “hot cider”s, eat 4 cupcakes, eat 13 soda crackers, sleep for 1.5 hours in the afternoon, watch 7 episodes of millenium, make wes go to the doctor, block vanbergs, listen to your upstairs neighbors, read slashdot, play counter strike, call everyone ‘hackers’ because you suck at counter strike, drink a vernors, eat a “ricola” and a “halls” at the same time, eat more soda crackers, drink your 6th green tea, update your weblog…

well, thats all i have so far… I’ll let you know when i finish and hopefully I can go to work tomorrow.


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