I have said and written before that I believe music to be the most powerful, influential, and all affecting human art.  For me, looking at pictures or reading printed words pales in comparison to the effect that music can have on my entire soul.

Any feeling or emotion that I can or will experience has been emphasized, amplified, and fully experienced with the assistance of music.  Likewise – great music is capable of actually producing these feelings and emotions.  It’s really almost impossible for me to accurately articulate into words.

With that said, there are few and rare cases where a ‘song’ transcends the bounds of my mortality.  It becomes more than a catchy rhythm, more than a consistent beat, more than meaningful harmony, more than lyrics, more than vocals, and more than words can describe.  The only way i can find to describe this situation is that the artists do not simply play their instruments, write their lyrics, or sing their songs.  Rather, they wield pure and unbridled emotion via their instrument of choice; harnessing and culminating the entire universe’s energy into one cataclysmic event. (or, ‘song’).

One such artist is “Drist”.  One such song is “Dissolve”.

I am fairly convinced that this song my most favorite song that I have ever heard.  The combination of music, vocals, and lyrics pull my emotions from sorrow and empathy, through hope and inspiration, and finish at absolute contentment.   I find this nearly impossible because the lyrics are almost completely objective – but nevertheless, it is an amazing experience.

Different forms of music have different effects on different people.  This particular music has a profound effect on me.  And I thank the band Drist for the experience.

Listen to the song
Drist on MySpace

The lyrics:
Oceans arrived, let go
So sure, how could my confidence be wrong
I sacrifice, and hold the pain
Of each and everyday alone

All I know, is all I loved
All long forgiven
All I knew, are all my wrongs
I’ve long forgotten

Watch as the tide dissolves
So sure, that the lines I drew
Were all gone
I sacrifice and hold onto
The chance that I will soon dissolve

Break all your ties
Face the one
Held inside.
Take your breath
Keep your head
Held back while
I show you. See them
Watch it go

3 thoughts on “Dissolve

  1. vanlandw

    Vanberge that is a good track. Drist has some badass songs I need to listen to their first CD a few more times.

    When I think about if if I had to pick a “favorite song” I would have to pick “Disturbed – I’m Alive”.

    “I’m Alive” embodies everything that is vanhood. Everytime I listen to that song I think of my fellow vans and how badass we are in every regard.


    I cannot think of a song that has more meaning the “I’m Alive”.

    Danger, then, cannot be considered
    I rage again, dispelling my anger
    Where do I begin?
    The choices are endless
    My art, my redemption, my only salvation
    I carry the gift that I have been blessed with
    My soul is adrift in notions of madness
    Repairing the rift that you have created
    I am not alone, brothers, give me your arms now

    Absolute unprotected vanhood at it’s finest…everybody is against us and nobody understands us….together united we are undefeatable…

    I love you vanberge


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