Definitely…. A nerd

If anybody ever had any doubt that i am a total nerd, please review the following:

This weekend i spent 50 dollars on a Cisco CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) self certification library. This includes two official Cisco textbooks, as well as a router emulation software that simulates various networks and allows you to “virtually” configure them. Basically, it is step 1 of getting Cisco certified. That’s nerd point 1.

Next, for some completely unknown and unseen reason, i have started to learn a programming language called python. This is even more shocking because I really didnt like programming when i was attending good ol’ gvsu. I had always heard about the language, and its especially easy to use with linux/unix. So i just started doing some on line tutorials to gte the feel of it. Now, I am re-creating my CS-162 project of creating a “vending machine”. Although in the very early stages, i did write all this from scratch. Check out my code!! SourceCode. During this, i experimented around with some ‘hacking’ on my friends websites. Not really successfully, but some of you can be telnetted to port 25 😉

As far as work goes, im still loving it. I got my “official” business cards today. “Eric Vanbergen: IT Technician – Server Support”. I’m still kind of on a high from this whole thing… I feel like im finally “here”. And that its downhill from now. Things feel like they have all just fallen into place.


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