D-town || rethinking

In an absolute championship weekend, I’d like to give you a general rundown of what transpired.

Flo and myself depart for ryan payne’s house in Oxford michigan on friday evening, arrive at payners, go to BW 3’s with payner and drink beer and have wings, go to sleep, get up at 7 am to go to the car show, leave for car show at 8.30, drive in this, get to car show at 10.15 (it should have taken 20-30 minutes). Look at / sit in cars for 2 hours, spend 8.50 on the worst meal ever, remain at car show looking through every section and display except for “kia”, leave car show at about 4 pm, ride people mover to greek town casino, spend 20 minutes blowing $40 each, eat delicious greek meal, drive to payners abode arriving at approximately 7 pm, watch dodgeball, go to bed, get up and go to breakfast, drive back to GR.

Now, D-town and the auto show have altered my perspective slightly regarding the month of “late” march. I was all set to go to Vegas with my fam because my aunt is getting married. I was looking forward to vegas on the whole. However, this trip to detroit has “swayed” my judgement in two different ways. A:: I blew through 40 bucks in 20 minutes at a casino. This leads me to believe that I would have no problem blowing through 600ish during 3 nights and 4 days in the vegas. B:: going to the car show and seeing all the “nice” cars made me want to make my car nicer. So, I’m currently debating whether to take a trip to vegas with my fam as planned, or to blow the 1100 dollars on my car. I would tint the windows (classy like, not ultra black vin diesel fast furious style), and add a few other things that I considered during purchase of my car. (namely, neon light kit, performance exhaust, cold air intake). Or, maybe a stereo.

Basically…. this is a case of “what would make me happier”. Blowing 1100 bucks on my car, or taking a trip to vegas losing hopefully only 1100 dollars.

input from the panel is always welcome.


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