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I saw “Crank” (great action flick with Jason Statham) when it came out in theaters like 2 years ago… But, I hadn’t seen it since then.

It’s a 100% guy movie, and it’s unique enough to be an interesting watch.

Anyway – I re-watched it today because I woke up way too early, and it was available for free on demand. I noticed that Jason Statham’s character, Chev Chelios, has a cell phone with a pretty sweet ringtone.

I’ve been diligently searching for ANY replacement to my “CTU 24” ringtone, but all the ones I’ve tried have ended up being temporary: Metal Gear codec ringtone, GTA4’s mission complete – gg vanlandw, and a couple other random ringers. It’s been difficult to find a suitable replacement, but I’m digging this ringtone and plan on keeping it for the foreseeable future.

If interested:

Or, just click on ‘files’ on the header nav – there’s a couple more ringtones in there. I found a sweet plugin that lets you list out directory contents within the wordpress content. I’ve been meaning to get that installed for awhile now.

3 thoughts on “Crank Ringtone

  1. Adam

    That’s a cool ringtone.

    I’ve been using mostly video game rings for me… I have some from portal, Mario, Zelda, etc, and people usually like ’em, or at least, aren’t too bothered by them.

    They are here:

    (“youstupidjerk.mp3” is from Howard Stern’s “Private Parts”, and is kind of a funny message arrived type of jingle..)

  2. Vo

    Crank was in theaters? I thought it was d2dvd? huh…..

    Anyway, it was a great ringtone.

    Crank 2 is going to suck.

    That is all.

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