What a wierd word. What a wierd thing. What an astounding affect this word has on one’s entire life. What an astounding affect one decision has the potential to impact. Staggering.

First, two bulleted items:

  • A belated congratulations to Enfuego on his semi recent addition to Spectrum health
  • Congratulations to Vanbergs on his recent addition to Fox17, where “Present anus, bring own lubricant” is no longer his job description

Recently, (being intentionally vague) – I was presented with an opportunity; a decision if you will – regarding my career. A big decision. A career changing decision. A life changing decision? More responsibilites, sure… More money, probably… All really boiling down to one question: “Is that what I want to do with my life”. I couldnt really come up with an answer. I spent a few nights losing sleep trying to envision a possible future. Never really making any conclusions or forming any opinions. Just thinking.

Then one day, it comes… suddenly. without any warning. the moment of truth. “Do you want this, eric?”. No. My immediate answer. Like a reflex… “I don’t know if i am ready for that… etc. etc.” And just like that, almost as quick as the discussion began; the discussion is over.

Thinking back – that was the definitely the right decision. The career path i’m on now is steadily growing in its own direction, and at a good pace. After all is said and done – It was the right thing to do. But jesus… what a big decision.

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