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For nearly a month, I’ve heavily been considering a change in my own ‘look and feel’. I’ve had the same haircut and style for literally about 10 years. Really the only thing that has changed has been my hairline; which has receded pretty drastically (thanks Dad).

I started reading online… I explored the history and enigma that is “The Buzz Cut“. You see, the buzz cut is not just a simple hair style. It’s a change in attitude, a renewal of youth, a whole new life style. I needed it.

After settling that I was going for “The Buzz Cut”, I started researching different brands for a set of clippers. I ended up trying to decide between Wahl and Oster – but then I found an awesome website by Wahl with video examples for home haircutting ( Due to the awesomeness of the website, Wahl got the nod.

So I now own a home hair cutting kit with a nice set of Wahl clippers.
And I also own a close cropped, clean looking, fantastic “buzz cut”.

Overall, i’m very happy with the results… And i’m pretty sure I am going to maintain this hairstyle for the foreseeable future. It’s easy to do, even on my own. It’s surprisingly clean and professional looking especially accompanied by glasses. And it really takes the emphasis off of a receding hairline. My head is a pretty good shape for a buzzcut. My ears don’t stick out funny. And I am pretty confident that I wear the haircut very well.

Some pics have been posted

11 thoughts on “Buzz Cut

  1. vanlandw

    You should sport the ‘buzz cut” and a “beard”. Beards are making a comeback lots of people at work have them. I’m mostly lazy and don’t care much for my appearance. You are a sexy man vanberge

  2. vanlandw

    the other thing good about buzzing your hair is the money you have on haircuts. In the past year I’ve paid for a haircut twice. Once when you got married…and once when payner got married. That is $30 dollars in a year in hair maintenance. I bet women pay that in week.


  3. Vanberge Post author

    I hear you on that vanlandw… I bought a 40 dollar home hair cutting kit, the clippers seem really nice. They plowed right through my hair.

    40 bucks is exactly 2 haircuts for me. So these clippers will literally pay for themselves in 2 months. That saves me 240 dollars a year. These clippers have a 5 year warranty.

    I am forever an advocate for ‘the buzzcut’ and all its variations. The butch. The ‘high and tight’. Even a fully clean shave.

    You should bic your head vanlandw.

  4. vanbergs

    You’re even an advocate for butch lesbians? Cause they suck. And where the hell were you paying $20 for a haircut?! That is officially highway robbery.

  5. vanlandw

    lol…..cutting your own hair is a good thing vanberge

    and lol at many of these comments….and no I’m not going to bic my head any time soon but I’m going to keep it short i think for the winter.

    you are the fourth vanberge ever

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