Block russellteee

There hasn’t really been anything to “inspire” me to update this wretched web destination. However, I have accomplished a few things in the past few days.

I installed Gallery, finally. so look for pictures to be uploaded accordingly here. I bought a new domain name just because I couldnt believe it wasnt taken yet. For those of you dont know, that is the car I drive. I purchased Millenium season 2. I purchased more dress clothes at JC Penny (now own 12 neck ties).

Other than that, it’s been a standard week. Although I have been pondering much whether or not to go to vegas. But that decision may have made itself when I got my most recent credit card statement.

Finally, the reason I started this post. Russellteee. block russellteee. He wasnt even talking to me, and he messages me solely to say “brb” and sign off. Horrid person. He did the same thing to vanlandw also.


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