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My birthday has now come and gone, and i am 25 years of age… There was a pretty good turnout of friends and family in Sister Lakes Michigan, and the weather wasn’t too terrible. Overall, it was pretty fun. Probably the coolest thing about the entire weekend was mickeyvb just surpassing MacGyver as the best handy man of all time. Mickeyvb disassembled (sheer piece by piece) a boat engine while it was still on the boat, and while the boat was in the water, and while he was still wearing swim trunks. He then re-assembled it, and ultimately fixed it. There are quite a few pics in the gallery of the weekend…

I’m looking forward to finally taking a real and scheduled vacation… I pretty much get 4 weeks of vacation, and i havent used any yet, so im just going to take 2 weeks off and see what happens. It’s wierd… When i was unemployed, i almost dreaded waking up in the morning just because i knew i was going to be completely bored off my ass. It really was almost enough to drive me insane. It was completely quiet all day, i would fall asleep sometimes during the day, then stay up late at night… that whole two months just kind of blended into some wierd long hard matinee movie that i cant even remember watching… But for some odd reason, I’m really looking forward to that same scenario for a couple of weeks. I have nothing planned, and dont currently plan on doing nothing… (?)

I guess its all relative to what your life happens to be like…

I might write more here later… brb

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